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Traveling is exciting for every member of the family. However, it’s important for every family to consider the health risks children face when they travel in other countries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 1.9 million American children travel internationally every year. With more and more families traveling, Canton Center Pediatrics is proud to offer local families new ways to look after their children’s health.

Visit our pediatric travel clinic in Canton, Michigan, to learn what you can do to protect your children from infectious diseases overseas. Depending on which country your family is traveling to, our pediatricians may recommend different courses of action. In every scenario, we tailor our approach to suit the health care needs of each patient. Come by today to learn more about international travel health for children.

Learn About International Travel Health for Children

Every child, no matter his or her age, can benefit from international travel precautions. However, very young children and infants require specialized care. Because they are nonverbal, children this small won’t be able to communicate their distress or discomfort. It’s in your family’s best interest to consult our pediatricians as to how to prevent your children’s risk for all of the following ailments.

Diarrhea: As one of the most common traveling illnesses, diarrhea places children and infants at risk for dehydration. That’s why our team recommends that all children drink only bottled water overseas. Mothers should also take care to breastfeed exclusively or whenever possible.

Malaria: Both children and adults are at risk for malaria in many overseas countries. However, the best way to prevent carrier insects from spreading this dangerous disease is by ensuring children wear clothing that covers the majority of their skin. Children should also sleep in screened rooms, or under a net.

Typhoide, Menigitis and Yellow Fever: High risk area Travellers may need pre-exposure vaccines and advice

Rabies: As a parent, you’ve likely warned your child about the dangers of petting strange animals. This advice should be reinforced at all times during your travels, as children are far more likely to try and pet unfamiliar animals than adults.

The Importance of International Vaccines

Many parents don’t realize that children are at higher risk for contracting infectious diseases due to their underdeveloped immune systems. That’s why our pediatricians offer information about international travel health for children. Visit us at least six weeks before your trip to receive prescriptions or vaccinations essential to your child’s health. Dr. Malik is designated YELLOW FEVER VACCINE provider, so don’t hesitate to ask about that, as well.

Come by our pediatric travel clinic before you and your family embark on an international trip.

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