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Many young children have trouble focusing. However, when your son or daughter is struggling to focus more and more often, it may be a symptom of a more serious problem. If you suspect your child is having an unusually hard time staying on track, it may be time to visit the ADD and ADHD clinic in Canton, Michigan, at Canton Center Pediatrics. Our caring team can help you determine whether your child has attention deficit and hyperactive disorder or attention deficit disorder.

ADHD and ADD are conditions that are quite manageable thanks to modern medicine. Most children with ADHD or ADD that receive treatment from a skilled pediatrician and or child psychiatrist can lead normal, healthy lives. Come by our ADHD and ADD clinic today to speak with Dr. Malik and his associates about your child’s symptoms, and we’ll discuss your options for treatment.

How We Help Children with ADHD

Every child is different. That’s why every child with attention deficit and hyperactive disorder or attention deficit disorder requires personalized care from a doctor that understands these conditions. Make the right choice for your son or daughter’s wellbeing by enlisting the help of a veteran pediatrician. We can help you understand your child’s condition and make any necessary lifestyle changes to help him or her manage.

Only a skilled ADD and ADHD doctor for kids can determine whether your child could benefit from medication and other treatments. Dr. Malik brings many years of experience to each patient he treats, making him an excellent resource for parents of children with ADD and ADHD. Talk to him about your concerns, and be sure to ask about other ways to manage your child’s conditio

Learn About Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention deficit disorder is a chronic condition that affects your child’s ability to focus, causing hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. Though ADD appears mostly in childhood, it can last through to adulthood. Children and young adults with ADD may have trouble maintaining relationships, doing schoolwork, and completing other tasks.

ADHD is much like ADD; however, unlike children with ADD, children with ADHD are hyperactive. This means that children and young adults struggling with attention deficit and hyperactive disorder demonstrate high energy and movement, as well as engage in disruptive behaviors.

Learn how you can help your child manage his or her ADD or ADHD with help from our skilled pediatricians.

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